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How Cash For Good Grades Fixes Rural Education

How Cash For Good Grades Fixes Rural Education
- In 2016 the movie “Mr. Donkey” received widespread critical acclaim in China. According to the film’s co-director, Zhou Shen, the plot is based on the true story of a teacher who went to work in the countryside in Gansu province. Water was scarce in China’s arid northwest, so the school “employed” a donkey to fetch water from a nearby well.
Without sufficient funding to feed the donkey, though, the school’s headmaster decided to report it as a community teacher. This allowed him to apply to the government for an additional salary, which, in turn, was spent providing for the school’s beloved equid. But when a higher-level leader came for a surprise inspection and asked to meet “Mr. Donkey,” the teachers were left scrambling to come up with excuses.